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During the last two years the pillars of workplace culture have been shaken. We're left asking how anyone can build a strongly affiliated team in the hybrid era. Bruce Daisley revisits the latest understanding of workplace culture and then shares lessons from those firms who are forging successful new dynamics in the WFH age. Almost two hours of brilliant new content.

How to access the content:

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Step 3. You'll immediately receive access to the course

You can buy from any bookseller - either your local bookshop or any online store.

Any edition of the book - audio, digital, print etc - is eligible. Any questions? Get in touch


What is the content?

Running order: (total running time over 2 hours)

  1. Hello & welcome

  2. Does workplace culture matter?

  3. Culture is about motivation

  4. Culture is about connection

  5. The VASA model: Voice

  6. The VASA model: Affiliation

  7. The VASA model: Space

  8. The VASA model: Articulation

  9. *NEW* The office unbundled

  10. *NEW* Fortitude: what we get wrong about resilience

  11. *NEW* The big unspoken challenge ahead 

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