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"A much needed book that unfolds the surprising secrets of resilience" 
Nadiya Hussain

"An absolute revelation!" 
Ed Miliband


The Myth of Resilience and the Secrets of Inner Strength

The idea of resilience that we've been peddled is a toxic myth asserts Bruce Daisley in this page-turning bestseller. 

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"A fascinating analysis of resilience - what it is, what is isn’t... It seems that resilience is a team game" 
Alastair Campbell

"This is a truly refreshing, captivating and important book that shifted my perception on a topic I thought I knew!

A must-read." 

- Steven Bartlett

"Surprisingly and challenging. Fortitude encouraged me to re-think not only my work but how I live my life"

- Sarah Ellis - Author of The Squiggly Career

"Entertaining. Engaging. Educating. Three words that sum up this cracking read, which offers a timely – and much needed - challenge to the traditional definition on resilience’.

- Professor Damian Hughes, host of the High Performance Podcast

"A fascinating and important pushback against the narrow, joy-eroding version of 'resilience' that would leave us to sink or swim alone, Fortitude is an indispensable guide to a more energising, human, and effective approach to working and thriving in a post-pandemic world" 

- Oliver Burkeman, author of 4000 Weeks

 ‘A thought provoking exploration of what it takes to get through tough times and a compelling endorsement of the power of others to hold us up’.

- Noreena Hertz, author of The Lonely Century: A Call to Reconnect"

“Deeply thoughtful, provocative and insightful ‘Fortitude’ will push you to question assumptions, think again about your life narrative and probably care more about your friends and community.”

- Professor Lynda Gratton

“Is resilience' more than blaming victims and telling them they need to act stronger? This wonderful book is Bruce Daisley’s personal quest to learn about the overused concept of resilience. What Bruce learns is intriguing and important, and hopefully will help us become better parents, leaders, and friends.”

- Professor Daniel Cable, author of Alive at Work

“Fortitude explores and validates what most of us who work with people feel in our gut when it comes to debunking doctrine about resilience and singular toughness. A fantastic contribution”

- Dr Pippa Grange, author of Fearless, former Head of People & Team Development at The Football Association 

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